Life is like a box of vegetables.

In your 50’s, life goes by like a mac truck barrelling along the Hume highway, leaving in it’s wake great memories, experiences, regrets, gray hair and sagging bodies.

Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolates. I think it’s like a box full of vegetables.

Make something delicious out of your limited stock or eat cheap takeaway and throw out the waste. The suppurating tomato, dried up kale and poor zucchini’s oozing their decaying juices.

At 54 the scales have well and truly tipped. Life is more than half way over and I have the need to make each day count. Turn off Netflix and go for a run. Get off social media and pick up a paintbrush. Have a conversation with the kids. Leave the vacuuming for another day and write that blog that’s been running around in your head… about vegetables being a metaphor for life.

And remember, fellow 50 somethings you can turn your wilting carrots into a fabulous frittata.

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