Menopausal memory

I used to be as sharp as a tac. When needed i could pluck a word, concept, name, methodology like ripe fruit from a low hanging branch. And now these words play hide and seek. I can’t even see the fruit… I know it’s there … high in the tree, camouflaged, teasing me. “Come fine me Lola. I know you are hungry. You need me!” No matter how hard I look.. searching through my synapses I got nothing. Sometimes it comes to me two days later while I’m in the shower or something. Thanks brain. That would have been useful 2 DAYS AGO!

Then there are the times think I have the word but it comes out wrong. For example “what do you think will be the outflow from this?” ( I meant fallout). Ah that cat has 11 lives… and an embarrassing one in front of a new team “so did you whip the crack?” ( Rather than crack the whip). There are more examples. Many more but I can’t remember.

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