Last period.

Should we celebrate our final period ? A silver lining to brighten the storm clouds of menopause?

What about getting together with your best friends and reminisce about periods past while ‘The Carnival Is Over’ by the Seekers plays softly in the background.

Maybe dance naked around the garden on a moonlit nite burying your last used tampon in some reverse fertility ritual?

Perhaps a tour of your local supermarket…standing in front of the feminine hygiene aisle delighting in the $10 you can save each month.

But the problem is – how do you even know it’s your last period? I mean there is no public announcement or anything. No fortune cookie spitting out from your vagina with note to say ‘last period Lola. Say goodbye’ Nuthin.

Just a gradual petering out…the gap between periods getting longer. Flows getting lighter. False endings. A bit like a John Farnham concert. Is this really it?

So no bang up celebration. Just a long goodbye. Like the last days of summer or watching an old friend walk away… watching till they are a speck in your rear view mirror.

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