So what is this thing called Menopause?

Welcome to my blog Menopausal Speak. This is the place, where I will write about  what it is like to be a women of a certain age a  ‘menopausal/peri-menopausal woman’.

I am not using my name, so I that I can write without fear of ridicule, public embarrassment, broken friendships and law suits. And let’s face it, does your 21-year-old son really want to read about dry vagina’s and leaking bladders?  I hope my blogs may  ‘resonate’ with you.. possibly make you smile, blush or head to the nearest EXIT button.  But my wish is that while there is some really BAD bits about aging and hitting PMT, there is still a whole lot of fun and mischief to be had.

These are my stories, my friends stories and mostly true!  So what is this thing called Menopause??

My greatest fear is that menopause does not exist and this is the real me.

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