Life is like a box of vegetables.

In your 50’s, life goes by like a mac truck barrelling along the Hume highway, leaving in it’s wake great memories, experiences, regrets, gray hair and sagging bodies. Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolates. I think it’s like a box full of vegetables. Make something delicious out of your limited stock…Read more »

Menopausal memory

I used to be as sharp as a tac. When needed i could pluck a word, concept, name, methodology like ripe fruit from a low hanging branch. And now these words play hide and seek. I can’t even see the fruit… I know it’s there … high in the tree, camouflaged, teasing me. “Come fine…Read more »

The Ovary Office.

I imagine my overies are a cross between a factory and bowling alley. The ovary office(s). First period. The team are Fresh faced girls in white coats and hair nets. They giggle and chat as they become familiar with their ‘charge’ – eggs stacked in incandescent rows like soft pink bowling balls. The factory opens…Read more »

Last period.

Should we celebrate our final period ? A silver lining to brighten the storm clouds of menopause? What about getting together with your best friends and reminisce about periods past while ‘The Carnival Is Over’ by the Seekers plays softly in the background. Maybe dance naked around the garden on a moonlit nite burying your…Read more »

First Period

Do you remember your first period? I’m guessing you do.  It’s a sign of becoming a women. Of entering  those group of girls who ‘had got their period’  – the special group, who would  talk pads and pain and cycles and precautions leaving those who had not got their periods  – out in the cold.…Read more »